Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Social Media Search.. Way to go !!

A great thing about the enormity of the web is that, it never ceases to amaze you. Every fortnight there is a website with a fresh and attractive new concept to churn the minds of the avid netizens. I am no exception. What these sites also do is that they reassure Tim O’Reillys concept of Web 2.0 which keeps the user want to come back to a website with more than one requirement.

Recently, I came across this social media search engine which is presently tracking millions of conversations, taking place across in more than tens of thousands blogs and social media sites. User-generated discussions are not indexed by major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo etc. The reason is because; user updated data does not reside on static pages. This site converts these discussions into web pages, or permalinks, and organizes them within a tag cloud. These Tag clouds become a point where all discussions on a specific topic are accumulated.

This is a great idea and more so because Web 2.0 emphasizes on user’s ownership of their data and most users of social media portals want their data to be popularized via any online medium. A major source of online information would be coming out of the knowledge sharing exercise that all the major social networking portals provide for their users. Now with this site, it will be easier for users to specify their searches based on these online conversations. I like the idea wholesomely and hope that this site has a strong and robust enough algorithm to build up on the wonderful idea that they want to propagate. Try... www.samepoint.com

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blastfromthepast said...

all this web2.o is a hogwash .. The fact is web2.0 is nothing more than a hype which is used by so called SEO bloggers to rave about something.Its like a desi viagra .. you never know if it will work.. In times such as these web site owners wants ROI and not mere talk about community building and other horseshit.

web2.o is all hype and no substance.. no web2.o company is managing profits .. facebook Youtibe,Myspace is all posting losses..Its time webmasters and others seriously thought about the ROI like other online marketing tools.

Its easy to hide behind web2.0 becoz web2.o shows nothing tangible ..