Friday, February 20, 2009

Is our Earth dieing?

Haven’t we seen it all? Surely our generation should be remembered as one of the most dynamic and happening one in the history of this planet. It’s mighty preposterous to feel what we have seen in the few years that have gone by and will see in the ones that are coming. We have been witness to a renaissance in technology affecting every aspect of life…gadgets, constructions, automobiles, communication mediums and many more. Yet, at the doorstep of this immortal era for human comfort, mankind is again facing the ire of destiny.

The demons of a surmounting economic meltdown, unrelenting barbaric terrorism and terrifyingly consequential global warming have grown to proportions that are challenging the existence of humanity on this planet. Does this mean our earth is slowly losing subsistence? There is no assurance of life, whoever you are and wherever you are. We need to acknowledge and answer these issues collectively if the earth has to remain our abode. Else lets spend most of our money into the space programs to frantically search for life in some other planet so that we can shift there to leave behind our beloved planet as what we have made it, a diseased dustbin.

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