Thursday, June 25, 2009

God takes the King !!

4 decades of magic and a sudden silence. It's so unbelievable that there wont be a moonwalk ever again. The absolute mayhem for pop star on stage would be silenced. The one gloved wonder will not dance to his tunes and flick his hat to show his fans his face and make them go wild. It's all so unbelievable.

I caught up with Monimalika Sengupta, an absolute MJ addict from Melbourne, Australia. We had a quick chat about MJ and I thought of posting it here.

aweblander: So what's the feeling like ? has the news sunk in as of yet ?
Monimalika: Came as a shock, still not sunk in yet.
aweblander: Ok.. from when were you following MJ's work ?
Monimalika: Since I was in standard V
aweblander: So that would be since you were 10 ??
Monimalika: Yes
aweblander: Ok.. what made you or rather why do you think millions like you worldwide were enthralled by MJ ? What was his USP so to say? and trust me I feel bad to say "was".
Monimalika: He was an enigma. His moves, his styles... he was always steps ahead of his time. I can think of him as the only contemporary performing pop artists who has been in the limelight for more than 4 decades... influencing the various genres not only of music but also videos. Somehow his being ahead of times never made him hard to understand his lyrics or songs. He somehow did mange to become the last legend of the contemporary times. And as for USP the answer is ... He himself was the USP. Got the answer?
aweblander: Yes very much. So which of his albums was your favorite ? and which singles song ?
Monimalika: Can't really pin point one. Sorry. Too many favs. I grew up with his music. Too many memories r assocoated with his songs, albums.
aweblander: So good. and finally you think his private life and consistent experiments that he did with his body was a reason for his sudden demise ?
Monimalika: I am not eligible enough to comment on that
aweblander: Fair enough...
aweblander: Thank you Monimalika. Appreciate your making the time out for this. Even if the world is poorer today, MJ's legacy surely grows richer with people like you who loves him unconditionally and will immortalize him in the history of music, worldwide and forever.
Monimalika: Thank you

Michael, we all love you and you live in the millions of souls that you touched with your gift! Rest in peace !