Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Analyzing BA

Business Analysis as the world knows it, is based solely on requirement gathering from a client and transferring them as information to the service providers. But, what most don’t realise is that the BA is also required to identify potential business threats and provide solutions to eliminate them.

Working as a Business Analyst with an undying aim to implement Web 2.0 principles in most project scopes, I found some challenges which were way beyond the extent of my functional spectrum. The failures that we had in reaching successful Project Closures give us a chance to understand the complicacies surrounding the deliverables of a project.

In my following posts I will be trying to analyze the challenges of Business Analysis (BA) and its impacts primarily on a Web 2.0 product.

Meanwhile, you can see this comic but meaningful representation of a ‘Project Failing Life Cycle’.

image source: unknown

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