Friday, February 27, 2009

First Draft: Business Analysis

Finally, I got the 2 hours I needed to get myself write this post. But, you all will agree surely, that keeping busy these days should be a pleasurable affair.

Now about Business Analysis for the web based jobs. We all know that programming languages and testing tools have evolved with time to maximize automation in project processes. But either they have not been enough or have been deterrent in the project progress often causing a blockade. An unharmed progress will be based on the extent to which business requirements evolve in tandem with the application; the degree to which requirements are clearly communicated to developers; and the clarity with which business analysts -- those liaisons between the development and business sides of the house -- explain each side's needs to the other. This clearly explains the criticality of the Business Analyst’s role.

In the days of Web 2.0, an advantageous Business Analysis is far and few in between.
To enlist the few reasons which become a challenge are:

  1. Treating client’s project as own product.

  2. Features making navigation more complex.

  3. More focus on using new technologies compared to best practices.

  4. Lack of proper communication between the BA and the client.

  5. Insufficient market study and user case developments.

I’ll be trying to elaborate each of these points in my next posts. However, please do post comments to make this thread interesting. Thanks. Keep reading.

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