Monday, December 8, 2008

A Nation's Ordeal

Recently as I saw our Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh being felicitated at the Vishwabharti University, a thought crossed my mind. Isn’t this the same place from where Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore’s Nobel medal was stolen? So much security for a chancellor with political importance and so less for a prized possession of the nation. And what did we do about it, nothing. Neither the precious artefact has been restored nor have the miscreants been brought to law. The point I want to raise with this as an example is that we as a nation are of the forgiving kind and that is sad.

There was a huge hue and cry all over the national media, print/electronic, over issues such as Gujrat riots, Arushi murder probe or even this Nobel medal theft. But what happened henceforth? Our ever-competitive media goes about its habit of bringing into focus any one issue which more than attracting attention of the citizens attracts the other media agencies. Then there is a scramble for one exclusive news bite for the same and subsequently with that, drawing more viewers. It all comes down to that and not the importance and sensitivity of the news. once there is another piece of interesting news the older one is suddenly orphaned and we the news hoggers get engrossed in the recent updates losing memory of what was keeping us occupied in the last few weeks. Shameful indeed. We the people of this nation encourage this kind of numbed and insensate journalism which does no good for the nation. Public memory and their consequent anguish, anger or even joy is made to live short by the media and none of us care a damn about it.

I am not criticizing the media. It merely serves us in a plate what we love to eat. No nation can survive and prosper without maintaining a balance between tolerance and unacceptance of social, political and democratical undoings. And just merely showing dissent with a Bandh or a walk to the nearby city grounds doesn’t make a difference. We are a nation that showed non-cooperation to the world. we need to show that again. We make governments that rule over us, so we should also show our power and help make this nation a better place to survive and flourish. All of us must realise that India is so near yet so far from calling itself a world power. It has to evoke the fire from within and get rid of all its diseases once and for all.

Precisely, we have to be unforgiving and relentless to issues that affect our nation and affect us. Lets do it. Lets do it NOW!!!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Bienvenido Maradona in the City of Joy

The people of Kolkata are suffering from an epidemic. Alarmingly it has gripped the city in no time whatsoever. From young to old, from rich to poor, from Hindu to Muslim everybody is bugged by the virus, the virus called Maradona-mania. Yes, the prince of football, the greatest in the game, the FIFA footballer of the century is in town and the city of joy has reasons to be joyful once again.

Diego Armando Maradona reached Kolkata early on Saturday morning only to be received by thousands of fans enchanting his name all through the journey from the Airport to his hotel, The ITC Sonar Bangla. The city seemed painted in blue and white and resembled more like Buenos Aires than the usual red/green flower clad city that we are accustomed to. Why not? This man and his art on the football field has enthralled one and all. He has inspired and mesmerised everyone who has ever seen him play. He led his nation to consecutive World Cup finals in 1986 and 1990, winning it in 1986. Arguably the greatest player ever gracing the game and the term arguable is only coined by the fools who dare to argue.

Traditionally the people of Kolkata are loyal fans of the Latin American nations Brazil and Argentina. On every occasion where there is a confrontation between these arch rivals, the loyalties are shared in this far off city. Though the Brazilian fans are fans of the style of football that they offer, the fans of Argentina are only Maradonians. They were inspired to watch and follow international football because of that one man. And now to see their god right in front of their eyes, they are simply awestruck.

Truly if Diego Maradona is god, Kolkata for one day today was heaven.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Need Answers From The Democracy

Sad, very sad. I am a very very disappointed citizen of this nation. The world’s largest democracy is facing a great setback and that’s its democracy itself. Resignation of the Union Home Minister, reshuffling of the central and state cabinets, opposition parties criticizing the government and mud slinging for vote bank politics; that’s the most this nation and its so called people’s government can react to 3 days of unprecedented terror in its heart of its financial hub? Hopeless and utterly disgusting.

I and a billion other unsafe and terrified Indians ask questions and as a part of this democracy we deserve answers, immediately.
1. The central/state government now accepts that there was information about the terrorists taking a possible sea route to Mumbai. Why did it not act immediately? It’s now being said that they warned the hotels and important establishments of the city. What, are you joking!!! Is warning the establishments their job or controlling the infiltration? Protect, don’t warn.

2. If the home ministry had prior information about possibilities of a terror strike and they didn’t take stringent measures to neutralize it then is a mere resignation of the home minister the solution to it? Isn’t he a criminal of the democracy? He didn’t abide by the oath that he had taken when he had sworn in as the minister. He should be taken captive and grilled in the court of law as to why he wasn’t responsible? How can they go scot-free?

3. Where is our president? You can lobby for votes from MPs to hold the highest position of this democratic state and then at the toughest hour of the nation not one step. Why can’t she show cause the Government? Why can’t she at the least issue a public statement. Why can’t she motivate the countrymen to unite and fight terror?

4. Where is the saviour of Mumbai and Maharashtra Mr. Raj Thackrey? Not one public appearance after the terror strikes is Mumbai. I guess he is not much interested as these horrific incidents were not carried out by his beloved North Indian Bhaiyyas or anyone from his honey-eyed Bachhan family.

There will be more questions and do let me know where I can find answers. Unite India, before these baby faced terrorists (read politicians) slow poison this nation to wholesome insecurity and terrified citizen life. Make these politicians answerable and credible and lets do that with all possible mediums.

Friday, November 28, 2008

We need a cure

As the voice of a reported terrorist engaged in Nariman House Mumbai echoed on a news channel I suddenly recollected memories of the Lord Dalhousie coined term “Divide and Rule”. The Indian political fraternity has taken the leaf from the British imperialists and used it as a tool to maximize vote bank politics in the nation. And what has that resulted in? The answers are pretty clear after the incidents in Mumbai. India is at the mercy of incompetent politicians who have sadly used bureaucratic authorities to cripple the internal security system. That has given rise to these militant religious outfits causing mayhem at their own will. We cant blame others when we ourselves give rise to these situations.

We need to rise above caste, religion, race and all other discriminating factors that have disunited the countrymen. Why do we need to have the so called ‘Minorities’? Why would a declared secular nation need to officially classify a group of people as under-privileged? The seeds of discrimination should be uprooted from this nation if we need to survive. The world is facing a difficult time. We don’t need to make it more difficult, do we?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Save the Nation

What the hell!! Where are we staying? Indians should be proud of what? Baby feeding the guerrilla terrorists with money and arms, ammunition, is that what we should be proud of? Man! Every god damn month, there is a new group of these freaking ‘mujahideens’ running havoc at their own will in any part of this nation. Unity in diversity is what we all foolishly brag about. If there was unity in this country then these idiotic uncivilized creatures couldn’t have been so reckless and fearless in carrying out these barbaric incidents. This is a horrific time for the nation, and we must all realise that.

Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Surat, Jaipur, Agartala, Delhi and now again Mumbai; folks our nation isn’t secure and no politically inclined selfish politician shows the least bit of interest in improving the situation. Our highly equipped and well paid intelligence bureau never has any clue about an incident of such magnitude before it occurs. Even if they get hold of any miscreants, years of trial render them with minimal punishment or they are acquitted scot free. This needs serious attention, why should a prospectively developing economy like ours be unnecessarily threatened by such activities of anarchism. We need to boycott votes and paying taxes, all of us. Bring on the presidents' rule and get rid of these hooligans once and for all. We might risk a lot of the so called human rights due to such an operation, but living, surviving and ensuring security for our near and dear ones is a more important human right than anything else I must say.

Its time to act not react. No country has been so laid back in curbing terrorism like us. It’s a shame on our democracy. We have been fighting over issues like regional bias and disoriented industrialization. Why the uproar we see in such occasions can’t be directed towards eradicating the roots of terrorism from this country. If a political party pays Rs.100 to a person to attend its rally then why cant the Government issue sumptuous rewards to people who can nab or inform authorities about a terrorist in his/her locality. If money is the language that people of this nation understands then let’s do that. Somehow and in someway, we the people of this nation have to show resilience against these odious ideologies of destroying civilian peace in this country. The terrorist outfits should be scared that every single citizen in this country is out hunting for their heads. They should be scared that any civilian could be a possible informer to the IB. The ones who are not affected should be more responsible to take up the duty of protecting the remaining folks. If we turn a blind eye now, we can be next.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How about a Desi Bond...

Well, since the Bond mania is running wild with the latest release Quantum of Solace, I thought it would be a nice time to envisage our own Bond. Yes, a desi bond. Sadly, to reach the masses our Bond though will have to compromise on a lot of aspects that keeps a Bond movie in a league of its own. Lets try and compare some familiar Bond scenes with a possible desi version of the same.

Scene 1: Bond is remanded and deserted by the MI6 but his passion for pursuit against crime makes him revolt against the orders and take help of an old friend.

Desi Bond: For our Bond to meet his friend there has to be a life saving sequence where Bond would save the life of his old pal. And after getting rid of the bad guys he will have an emotional reunion with his friend. Instantly the story will go back and have a flashback as to how Bond had met this friend of his and how they lost touch. Might as well be a song much like a “yeh dosti”. Finally after meeting up with everyone in his family and briefly romancing his friend’s sister Bond approaches his friend for the help that he needs.

Original Bond: He would just walk in to his friend and ignore all others in his family. Meet the guy, tell him his position and ask for exactly what he needs from him. If he agrees then he plans the next move with him else leaves hastily. Wishing a goodbye is a luxury that he cant afford.

Scene 2: While on his mission Bond meets a girl and quite likes her.

Desi Bond: A dream sequence where our very own Bond is having a tricky time having to handle the long dupatta of the heroine. There’s a song and dance, nice designer clothes for Bond and a rather skimpily clad woman somewhere in the middle of Antarctica. Then Bond hunts for an occasion when he can express his feelings to the lady. She plays hard to get and teases him. Finally when they both evoked their passions and try to get cosy our director fades the lenses and the view goes frosted. Another song follows where the lady seems apparently overjoyed having shed her virginity to the popularly unreliable British agent.

Original Bond: Upon meeting the girl he has a smirk in the corner of his lips and goes about his business. He plays hard to get and flaunts his attitude until the girl gives in, more with the intention of taming a wild creature on the run than herself having fun.

Scene 3: Bond faces a deceit from one of his acquaintances’ and is in the lookout to nail him down.

Desi Bond: Our desi Bond leaves his mission goals aside and goes hunting for his old friend turned foe. While on with his chase, there’s a flashback that haunts him and he tries to figure out solemnly what went wrong in their friendship. And finally after eliminating his friend Bond goes into a depressed mood and prays to the almighty seeking forgiveness for slaying his old friend.

Original Bond: Goes about his mission and if he comes across the person who had betrayed him, he has just two things to do. Shoot and smile. So long.

That’s what I think of our desi bond. Please add on more scenes contemplating a possible comparison between the original firang bond and a desi bond. The only two names that I find suitable if a serious effort of making a bond movie here is taken up, would be Amir Khan and Arjun Rampal.

By no means am I trying to degrade our movies. They are thorough entertainers and the guys from Hollywood would never be able to make such masala flicks. So if Bond has to come here he has to certainly bond with the best.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dada The Indian Hero

When Indian cricket was maligned by the shadow of the match-fixing scandal at the wake of the millennium, Sourav Ganguly was appointed the Captain of the Indian team. The team had nothing more to lose. They were defamed by all the controversy surrounding the team, the team was losing almost all their matches and the rankings soared down, every player was treated with an eye of suspicion. Ganguly taught the guys to stand up tall and face any challenge on the field and he knew that with victories all this would be left behind. He taught the team that though cricket was a gentleman’s game, one can be gentle only when the other person is. Here was a captain who not only led the side with conviction but built a new breed of fighters who were willing to win at any cost. Eventually he ended up winning 21 of his 49 tests as captain and drawing 13 of them, a record not matched by any, in Indian cricket’s history. Why still the best Left Hander India has ever produced has always been criticized and made to stand near the guillotine all along his career?
Let’s put them in points: - and being a follower of cricket I would give this day for this conversation. I invite one and all to debate and prove me wrong.
1. Sourav Ganguly has scored more than 18000 international runs, and is amongst the seven top batsmen in One Day internationals to have scored more than 10,000 runs with 38 career hundreds.
2. He is supposed to be a choker and the one who shows his back to the opposition. His 144 at the Gabba in 2003 was a knock which laid the foundation for India’s success (Drawn Test Series) in the Tour Down Under.
3. His pulling out of Nagpur test in 2004 was highly criticized and why so? Coz Mr. Niranjan Shah the then President of the Vidharba Cricket Association and a staunch critic of Sourav for some political interests in the board, had laid off a green pitch helping the visiting side to fulfil his selfish desire and not national interest. If protesting that for the sake of the country is wrong then, he was.
4. When he was ousted from the team due to undemocratic practices and not cricketing reasons, he showed his grit and determination to come back strong and hard. At the age of 33 he went back to the grass root levels of domestic cricket and came back into the team only with his performance in the domestic leagues. Once back, the talisman in him showed what mettle he is made up of. He scored freely and handsomely and had an average of 54 after coming back in 2005.

Let me know your views. Why criticize this legend of Indian cricket unnecessarily.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

...We all know...

Do we know what exactly is dawn

the first rays of the sun

or the night that is gone

Do we know what exactly is a smile

an effort to hide agony

or an exercise to keep the teeth agile

Do we know what exactly is a dream

the thought that keeps u asleep

or the memories that make you scream

Do we know what exactly is the moon

the star that brightens the night

or the one which makes the day come so soon

Do we know what exactly is life

a moment to cherish

or a string of happiness alike

Do we know what exactly we want to do

live like it’s a habit

or make life happier for few

and you...

# this one is for one such person who knows all the answers...but don't know why exactly wants to be unaware....