Friday, November 28, 2008

We need a cure

As the voice of a reported terrorist engaged in Nariman House Mumbai echoed on a news channel I suddenly recollected memories of the Lord Dalhousie coined term “Divide and Rule”. The Indian political fraternity has taken the leaf from the British imperialists and used it as a tool to maximize vote bank politics in the nation. And what has that resulted in? The answers are pretty clear after the incidents in Mumbai. India is at the mercy of incompetent politicians who have sadly used bureaucratic authorities to cripple the internal security system. That has given rise to these militant religious outfits causing mayhem at their own will. We cant blame others when we ourselves give rise to these situations.

We need to rise above caste, religion, race and all other discriminating factors that have disunited the countrymen. Why do we need to have the so called ‘Minorities’? Why would a declared secular nation need to officially classify a group of people as under-privileged? The seeds of discrimination should be uprooted from this nation if we need to survive. The world is facing a difficult time. We don’t need to make it more difficult, do we?

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m.sengupta said...

It's true we do need a cure and may be it's high time we do realise the vulnerable position we all are in. May be to get this cure we have to sacrifice the individual rights that we Indians cherish and really don't think about. At the same time we citizens need to be a bit more civilized and organized and comply by the rules and regulations where and when it is enforced. Also we should stop expecting the Government do anything for the ordinary people other than playing political blame game and target the party vote banks and do some political gimmicks. We have to think hard and answer the question are we really living in a "DEMOCRATIC, CIVILZED COUNTRY"? and how co-operative as citizens are we?