Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Save the Nation

What the hell!! Where are we staying? Indians should be proud of what? Baby feeding the guerrilla terrorists with money and arms, ammunition, is that what we should be proud of? Man! Every god damn month, there is a new group of these freaking ‘mujahideens’ running havoc at their own will in any part of this nation. Unity in diversity is what we all foolishly brag about. If there was unity in this country then these idiotic uncivilized creatures couldn’t have been so reckless and fearless in carrying out these barbaric incidents. This is a horrific time for the nation, and we must all realise that.

Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Surat, Jaipur, Agartala, Delhi and now again Mumbai; folks our nation isn’t secure and no politically inclined selfish politician shows the least bit of interest in improving the situation. Our highly equipped and well paid intelligence bureau never has any clue about an incident of such magnitude before it occurs. Even if they get hold of any miscreants, years of trial render them with minimal punishment or they are acquitted scot free. This needs serious attention, why should a prospectively developing economy like ours be unnecessarily threatened by such activities of anarchism. We need to boycott votes and paying taxes, all of us. Bring on the presidents' rule and get rid of these hooligans once and for all. We might risk a lot of the so called human rights due to such an operation, but living, surviving and ensuring security for our near and dear ones is a more important human right than anything else I must say.

Its time to act not react. No country has been so laid back in curbing terrorism like us. It’s a shame on our democracy. We have been fighting over issues like regional bias and disoriented industrialization. Why the uproar we see in such occasions can’t be directed towards eradicating the roots of terrorism from this country. If a political party pays Rs.100 to a person to attend its rally then why cant the Government issue sumptuous rewards to people who can nab or inform authorities about a terrorist in his/her locality. If money is the language that people of this nation understands then let’s do that. Somehow and in someway, we the people of this nation have to show resilience against these odious ideologies of destroying civilian peace in this country. The terrorist outfits should be scared that every single citizen in this country is out hunting for their heads. They should be scared that any civilian could be a possible informer to the IB. The ones who are not affected should be more responsible to take up the duty of protecting the remaining folks. If we turn a blind eye now, we can be next.


Prithwiraj saha said...

Right we all need to stand up against this.. Its in our human nature that until and unless we are directly involved we don't seem to act, but we must remember that we could be the next target and it would be too late .Our government policies needs to be changed . People should be made aware of this kind of situation . And most of all we, every single one of us should be aware should be looking out for these terrorists who will then fear to act like this in future .

Lets pray for the souls ho have been killed there .

awestruck loner said...

thanks prithwi for your views. Prayers and condolonces are for all. Also, salute Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan.