Sunday, November 30, 2008

Need Answers From The Democracy

Sad, very sad. I am a very very disappointed citizen of this nation. The world’s largest democracy is facing a great setback and that’s its democracy itself. Resignation of the Union Home Minister, reshuffling of the central and state cabinets, opposition parties criticizing the government and mud slinging for vote bank politics; that’s the most this nation and its so called people’s government can react to 3 days of unprecedented terror in its heart of its financial hub? Hopeless and utterly disgusting.

I and a billion other unsafe and terrified Indians ask questions and as a part of this democracy we deserve answers, immediately.
1. The central/state government now accepts that there was information about the terrorists taking a possible sea route to Mumbai. Why did it not act immediately? It’s now being said that they warned the hotels and important establishments of the city. What, are you joking!!! Is warning the establishments their job or controlling the infiltration? Protect, don’t warn.

2. If the home ministry had prior information about possibilities of a terror strike and they didn’t take stringent measures to neutralize it then is a mere resignation of the home minister the solution to it? Isn’t he a criminal of the democracy? He didn’t abide by the oath that he had taken when he had sworn in as the minister. He should be taken captive and grilled in the court of law as to why he wasn’t responsible? How can they go scot-free?

3. Where is our president? You can lobby for votes from MPs to hold the highest position of this democratic state and then at the toughest hour of the nation not one step. Why can’t she show cause the Government? Why can’t she at the least issue a public statement. Why can’t she motivate the countrymen to unite and fight terror?

4. Where is the saviour of Mumbai and Maharashtra Mr. Raj Thackrey? Not one public appearance after the terror strikes is Mumbai. I guess he is not much interested as these horrific incidents were not carried out by his beloved North Indian Bhaiyyas or anyone from his honey-eyed Bachhan family.

There will be more questions and do let me know where I can find answers. Unite India, before these baby faced terrorists (read politicians) slow poison this nation to wholesome insecurity and terrified citizen life. Make these politicians answerable and credible and lets do that with all possible mediums.


Raaj said...

and no one gives a damn.. meet them every 5 years.. elect them.. and that's it..

m.sengupta said...

We are always ready to point the finger... I am not saying what the ministers and the President(who eventually is a mere rubber stamp for the Indian Government) of India is doing are right or anything worthwhile. They just keep on making callous statements. Politicians are pointing fingers towards Pakistan, why cannot they do something in the Diplomatic level, and once again it's not the Pakistani people who are making these attacks. It is once again the people with power and money helping these terrorists.
So it is high time the politicians, diplomats, stop playing this blame game.
As citizens also we should start to stop expecting anything from our politicians or government. It's us who have to do something, anything, atleast let's not allow this incident to die down, and forget about it after a fortnight and remember it yearly or again when there is another such attack.Let's make the people who have taken the responsibity to look after us accountable to us. Not with promises and accounting to us one day in five years. Lets have the courage to say, i am ready to change for my country so
"I'm Starting With The Man In
The Mirror" so better be you too.