Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Zappos ideas for Non Profits

While working on my portal for non profits [I wont spill the beans yet!! :) ], I was figuring out ways to popularize non profit causes and as Tony Hsieh rightly points out in it actually is the science of happiness that needs to be studied very well before anything else.

What I mean is…I have certain goals for which the portal will be my tool. Let’s mention them:
- Helping Non Profits unconditionally.
- Using and enhancing my knowledge of the web is doing so.
- Using social media tools to popularize a cause.
- Publicizing the idea and power of e-marketing via social media.
- And… bringing more and more non profit minded people closer online.

Now the uncanny question is how the zappos concept fits in here. Simply put, it fits for every entrepreneurial aspiration and so non profits aren’t quite definitely an exception. The slideshow mentioned above will explain almost everything. But the most interesting part is in here.

and here..

The idea of using the money allotted for publicity to enhance customer satisfaction features which in turn encourages repeat customers is very brilliant. It teaches us the values of being not greedy but humble. This concept holds true especially for all fundraising non profits who should look forward to build relationships and make their followers help them.

I have to again and I guess now I have made it a habit of thanking David J Neff for mentioning this on his blog post @ Good work again mate.

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